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Tras la nieve – Stop Motion

The spark

I stand for animals, but their problems never seem to matter to anyone. There’s always something more important to care about. But the truth is that no human action remains without consequences for the animal kingdom.

Animation has the power of entertaining kids and amusing adults, so what if i could use my degree’s final project to combine the two things I like the most and make an impression?


Storyboards are fundamental in any audiovisual piece, but specially in animation. It provides you all the information you’re gonna need before shooting, and in this case, all the materials that need to be produced in advanced, such as characters and atrezzo.

Character design

Character design is key in animation. Every detail is important, because appearance gives a lot information about personality. For instance, LulĂș is very corny, and so say the feathers of her head.


Motion for fun


October 16, 2016